Bringing Molecular diagnostics accuracy at patient's side

Quiz Biochip is an accurate, scalable, cost-effective, and portable NAT solution.


Quiz Biochip

First fully printed PCR on-a-chip



Direct plug-and-play via USB



From 1 to 50 hot-swappable tests


Quiz App

Instant results on your laptop

What is Quiz?

Quiz is the first biochip-based molecular diagnostics platform that can run both PCR and RT LAMP. The Quiz Platfrom allows to have:
  • Advanced Nucleic Acid Tests (NAT) outside the laboratory at the point-of-care
  • Quantitative and Qualitative results without the need of fluorescence devices
  • Ultra-low power consumption (<5V DC) USB compatible
  • Two different tests and protocols on the same biochip
  • From 1 to 150 concurrent tests per setup
  • Digital result in short time (without sending the patient home)
01. Two tests per chip

Samples are deposited into the two inlets connected to the chambers

02. Amplification and Detection in one chamber

Amplification and biosensor detection embedded in each chamber on the biochip.

03. Results transmission

The digital results from the biochip are are transmitted to laptop through USB.





Benefits of Quiz


Quiz Biochip brings PCR accuracy to the point-of-care

It allows primary and community care service bringing lab comparable PCR test accuracy in testing capability at POC.

Benefits of Quiz


Quiz Biochip is a palm-sized PCR deployable anywhere

Quiz is a molecular-based Platform Technology for Point of Care diagnostics and tests can be run anywhere, at any time.

Benefits of Quiz


Quiz Biochip is a flexible throughput and scalable POC PCR

Highly flexible system that can process anywhere from 1 to 150 samples per laptop. Allows needs based and resource constraint driven mass deployment

Benefits of Quiz


Quiz Biochip Reduces initial investment and running costs

Quiz Biochip does not require bulky analyser or cold chain logistics. Hence it reduces installation and maintenance running costs. It saves time and costs in rapid mass deployment for onsite mass screening and results reading.

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