Quiz Biochip in the first line defense against COVID-19

Quiz Platform enables mass diagnostic testing for COVID-19, eliminating the need and delay of transporting samples to the laboratory.

Features Benefit
RT LAMP Fast results in 5 to 60 minutes without transporting the sample to the central lab
Biosensor detection Precise results without the need of bulky fluorescence devices
Lyophylized dried freeze reagents No cold chain logistic required
4°C-30°C Temperature limit No ice or cooling block required
4 cm chip size Compact size and portability
1 to 150 concurrent tests Flexible throughput
Hot-swappable mode On demand testing with no batch constraint
No bulky analyser needed Reduces initial investment and maintenance costs

97% - 100%


High positive predictive value as shown in field trials. Quiz Biochip is a full diagnostic solutions.

0 %
Minimize false positives

1 - 150

concurrent tests per setup
Unique flexible and mid throughput for decentralized lab solution.
0 cm
biochip dimensions

Palm-sized PCR, the smallest form factor for a molecular diagnostics analyzer


Cases Studies

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Cases Studies

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Deposit the sample

The test requires a small amount (10µl) of nasal swab specimen to be applied to the Quiz Biochip.


Run the test

The biochip inserts into the POCHE dongle, to plug into a USB port on a laptop, which then runs the Quiz App to perform a real-time RT-LAMP assay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA.



The biochip detection methods are via biosensor embedded inside the reaction chamber.



The results are visualized on the Quiz App.

Beyond COVID

Quiz Biochip platfrom is well suited for any kind of molecular diagnostics. In the pipeline (not yet approved by regulatory agencies) there are:

HIV Viral Load

Quiz HIV Viral Load assay showed high detection accuracy levels in plasma samples.


Preliminary studies showing Quiz Biochip can detect most common Dengue’s variants.


Quiz Biochip can distinguish Malaria Plasmodium falciparum positive from negative control.

Colorectal Cancer

Other possible applications are the chronic diseases such as Colorectal cancer.

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