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Cell ID was incorporated in Mar 2013. Our research & development emphasis on near-field point-of-care (nf-POC) & decentralise diagnostics platform technologies.


We strive to creates products that are scale-able and mass deploy-able, fast and accurate, easy to use and affordable.Hence our primary technology platform focused on decentralising molecular diagnosis with auto data capturing and storage via cloud.

To achieve truly near-field point-of-care for molecular diagnosis, we challenge the norm of current lab bounded PCR technologies with our patent grated QUIZ Biochip, An integrated BioChip technology with PCR and Detection all are performed within the single use Biochip. Our Quiz Biochip does not require costly peripheral equipment to perform the tests. Instead, a laptop PC with multi-ports USB hub it can perform up to 150 tests at a single set-up anytime anywhere. This uniquely engineered Biochip evolved from considerations of ; intended use, materials selections,  affordability and scalability. Current installed manufacturing capacity is ~17 millions tests per month.


Milestones and activities since we are incorporated, includes:

  • ACA Investments Pte Ltd (Private Equity Fund Management) is the investor of Cell ID Pte Ltd

  • We are ISO 13485-2016 Certified

  • Till date, 17 Patents Granted by USPTO, EPO, JPO, SIPO, TIPO, ARIPO, IIPO & IPOS over 3 diagnostics platform related technologies and 1 data digitization technology.


There is a significant demand towards near-field or bedside patients care, also know as near-field Point-of-Care (nf-POC).  From in the hospitals to physicians' office, clinics or even at home, etc. The aim is to help reduce unnecessary waiting time and at the same time encourage more self-diagnostic activities within the people in the community. Hence helping patients make better-informed decisions about individuals’ health. Infectious and chronic diseases related POC kits are now one of the few most fast growing segments. Availability of rapid random access cell and molecular diagnostics application for critical care infectious diseases such as HIV, Dengue fever and chronic diseases such as cancers are likely to be the driver of near-field POC industry.


Being a primary focus on POC diagnostics’ device design and technology development company, Cell ID continues to develop its proprietary “Platform Base” in-vitro POC product portfolios, which, utilises microfluidics technology with integrations of biosensor and heater for POC Molecular Diagnosis - Quiz BioChip PCR for HIV-1 Viral Load Test, Malaria Parasitism & COVID-19 PCR Test. Its Smart Lateral-Flow technology includes "Reader-less" HbA1c POC kit, Smart HIV, Malaria pf/pv, hCG and Covid-19 IgG/IgM test kits. All products are also equip with auto data collection capability.

Through recycling and leveraging mature and proven technology etc. large format printing, screen and flexo printing to drive manufacturing and capital investment costs to its lowest possible plus, integrating conventional diagnostics test procedures with available enzymes, assays, probes solutions' onto our innovative platform base testing devices. The aim is to develop a series of simple to use, affordable in cost, disposable and mass deployable in-vitro near field diagnostics POC devices to promote regular health screening, especially in the developed countries where lifestyle induced diseases has increased due to the leak of frequent exercise for example. Others include developing countries with limited basic healthcare services or unreachable due to poverty.

Our Mission 

Strive to provide solutions (Speed, Accuracy, and Affordability Cost) via combinations of engineering with biological sciences, to challenge traditional lab bounded diagnostics test with affordable and near-field Point-Of-Care (nf-POC) solutions. Aim to free/release limited lab resources for better utilization, help improve lab productivity and administrations efficiency and at the sametime promote frequent self-diagnosis in the community space.

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