World's First Fully Printed PCR On-A-Chip
Cell ID and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are collaborating in measuring viruses for a potential future use in space applications


Quiz Biochip brings PCR accuracy to the point of care.

Cost Effective

Quiz Biochip reduces initial investment and running costs.


Quiz Biochip is a palm-sized PCR deployable anywhere.


Quiz Biochip is a flexible throughput and modular POC PCR.

Our Certifications

Quiz Platform

Providing a platform with unique modular architecture that serves a wide range of diagnostic needs from POC to onsite high throughput mass screening cost effectively.

Shaping your future health

Proudly made in Singapore

Cell ID creates products that are scalable, mass-deployable, fast, and accurate.

Datasheet & Certifications

Find the latest version of the manuals.

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